Stories of BHARAT 13 - Sudarshan Chakra, Tripurantaka and Shiv ji

  • Stories are about How did Mahavishnu get the Sudarshan Chakra, Tripurantaka is a form of Shiva and reason behind Shiv ji consuming bhaang.

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Why did I start writing these Stories? 

As a mother of three I have realized that many children are deprived of hearing tales that are Indian in origin. This could be for various reasons, an important one being that parents themselves do not know these tales.


The desire to learn English and about Western Nations meant that atleast two generations were fed tales from the West namely Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc. Because of this when you ask a child to write an essay of their favourite character they will write about Santa Claus and Snow White but not Shivaji.


So I took it upon myself to write short stories about India’s cultural heritage. The stories have been written in such a way that they can be read to children. At the same time I added snippets of our culture, rituals, shlokas, food, etc. so that children get to know about them. Must add that these stories are not meant to be scholarly pieces of work.


How MAHAVISHNU got the Sudarshan Chakra


Everyone knows Mahadev (Shiva) as a great Tapasvi. He is always doing Tapas (Meditation). Do you know whose name He chants? It is the name of Prabhu Sri Ram. Yes. In fact, once Mata Parvati had asked Him, “Who are You absorbed in when You meditate Prabhu?”


Mahadev replied, “Devi, I meditate on Ram. He is Maryaada Purshottama.” Once, after listening to the Vishnu Sahasranama Devi Parvati asked, “Which name should one take which is equivalent to taking the 1000 names of Mahavishnu?” That time also Shiva replied, “Sri Rama Rama Raameti …” This shloka in the form of a reply is read thrice after reading the Vishnu Sahasranama. What about MahaVishnu? Who does Mahavishnu meditate upon?


MahaVishnu is one of the greatest devotees of Shiva. Once, on the day before Kartika Purnima day (Vaikuntha Chaturdashi day), He decided to offer 1000 lotuses to Vishweshwara Shiva in Varanasi, while taking His 1000 names. Varanasi is the place where Shiva is worshipped from times immemorial.


So, MahaVishnu took a bath in the Ganga in the Manikarnika Ghat, gathered 1000 lotuses and sat down in front of the Shivalinga to meditate and take Mahadev’s Sahasranama. When MahaVishnu reached the 999th name, He realized that He was short of a lotus. How was that possible? He was perplexed.

Actually, it was Mahadev Himself who had spirited away 1 lotus just to test MahaVishnu’s devotion to Him. Vishnu was full of innocent devotion. He did not want to get up from His seat to gather another lotus, since that would mean that the Puja would be broken. He wondered how to solve this problem of the missing lotus, since He wanted to complete the Sahasranama only with the offering of lotuses. He contemplated on this problem.


Vishnu remembered that one of His names was Kamalanayan i.e. the lotus-eyed one. So with utmost devotion He removed His right eye with His right index finger and offered it to Shiva. Suddenly there was a flash of light and Mahadev Himself appeared before MahaVishnu. Shiva accepted that there was no one equal to devotion as Vishnu Himself and blessed Him. Then Vishnu told Shankara, “I am responsible for protecting the 3 worlds. The Daityas (Asuras & Rakshasas) are very strong. How should I defeat them every time?”


Ashutosh Shiva took the form of Chakradana Murty and gave Keshava the Sudarshan Chakra and told Him, “You can destroy the Daityas with this Sudarshan Chakra.” Thus, Narayana received the Sudarshan Chakra from Mahadev Shiva and from then on, He has used it on various occasions. He is always depicted with His Sudarshan Chakra in His right index finger.




One of the names of Shiva is Tripurantaka-He who has caused the end of Tripura. Imagine 3 floating cities in space. Imagine these cities with unlimited wealth, pleasures and people. Now imagine that these three cities are floating at the same time, but never meeting except for once in a thousand years. Guess who could have created these cities and for whom …


There was once an Asura called Tarakasura. He was very powerful and caused a lot of grief to the Devas. Finally he was killed by Kartikeya, the son of Shiva. (This story on another day). Now, this Tarakasura had 3 sons called Tarakaksha, Vidyunmali and Kamalaksha. These 3 Asuras were also very powerful. They did meditation together to Brahma Dev and when He appeared, they asked for ‘Amaratva’ or immortality. Brahma Dev told them very clearly that one who was born had to die.


These brothers then asked Brahma for a boon that each of them will have a special city which will be prosperous always, will float separately in space and that they can be destroyed only when all three cities come in one line, one below the other. They also specified that it could only be destroyed by an arrow shot at all the 3 cities together. Brahma Dev agreed. Then, Tarakaksha said that he wanted a city of gold, Vidyunmali asked for a silver city and Kamalaksha asked for a city made of iron.


Brahma Dev called on Mayasura, the architect who could create miraculous structures and ordered him to make 3 cities for the 3 brothers. These three cites together were called Tripura, and together the 3 brothers were called Tripurasura. All the brothers went to their respective cities and ruled for many years. They knew that death was not anywhere close and hence started troubling the Devas and drove them away from Swarga, their rightful abode.


The Devas went to Shiva and asked for help, but Shiva told them that the time had not yet come and that they would have to wait for the anointed time. A thousand years passed. By this time the Asuras had also done enough Adharma for Mahadev to destroy them.


When the time came for the three cities to come together in a straight line, one above the other, Shiva took out His bow and arrow and aimed it at the three cities. With one shot of the arrow, He burned the 3 cities and its Adharmi residents, to dust. He was Tripurantaka. Thus, He delivered the Devas from their miseries and rid our Loka from 3 powerful Asuras.


नमस्तेस्तु भगवन् l विश्वेश्वराय महादेवाय l त्रैय्मबकाय त्रिपुरान्तकाय l त्रिकाग्नि कालाय l कालाग्नि रुद्राय नीलकण्ठाय मृत्युंजयाय l सर्वेश्वराय सदाशिवाय श्रीमान महादेवाय नमः ll


नमः शम्भवाय l मयोभवाय l नमः शङ्कराय l मयस्कराय l नमः शिवाय l शिवतराय ll


Om Namastestu Bhagavan l Visvesaraya Mahadevaya l Trayambakaya Tripurantakaya l Trikagni Kalaya l Kalagni Rudraya Nil Kanthaya Mrityunjaya l Sarvesvaraya Sadadhivaya l Sriman Mahadevaya Namah. ll


Om Namah Sambhavaya Cha l Mayaobhavaya Cha l Namah Shankaraya Cha l Mayaskaraya Cha l Namah Shivaya Cha l Shivtaraya Cha ll


SHIVA consumes Bhaang


Every now and then students invariably ask their parents the most uncomfortable question – “If Shiva is shown as having ‘bhaang’ why are we stopped from consuming it? Obviously no one wants to listen to the explanation that Shiva doesn’t actually consume bhaang … no one wants to even listen to logical explanations that Shiva is always shown accepting poisonous substances like Datura, Halahal, He has a poisonous Cobra around His neck, etc. … it is a way of educating people that one should stay away from such substances which may be used for medicinal purposes, but not for regular consumption.


Once, a Guruji and His disciples were moving from village to village. Guruji used to give Pravachans (religious lectures) to the simple village folks. Once, they reached a village which had a huge liquor distillery at the entrance to the village.


One of the disciples remembered that in the previous village, Kaalbhairav (an Ugra or angry Avatar of Shiva) was offered liquor at His Temple, by the bhakts. He slyly told in a loud voice so that Guruji could hear, “Kaalbhairav also has liquor … why should we not be allowed to have it?”


Guruji smiled and said, “Surely, why not? Let us do one thing – I will have a pot of liquor … will you also drink a pot of liquor and give me company?” The disciple was overjoyed - He was going to drink something that was not permitted by the rules of Brahmacharya. He quickly nodded his head. Then Guruji said, “There’s a condition … you should have whatever I have even after that. Do you agree?”


The young disciple nodded again. Then Guruji asked the others if they too wanted to have it … the others were not so adventurous… Guruji went to the distillery and brought two pots of liquor. He had one in one go and told the disciple to do the same. With great difficulty the disciple had it. He was a little dizzy from it, but was happy and smiling foolishly.


Next they went to a place where some people were smoking Marijuana (bhaang). This drunk disciple told his Guruji, “See Bhagwan Mahadev also smokes pot. Nothing wrong in it.” Guruji understood that the boy was speaking under the influence of liquor. He said, “Ok, we too shall have it.” To the amazement of the other disciples, both drank thandai mixed with bhaang. The disciple could barely walk now without any help.


They went further into the village. Guruji went to the local Vaidya’s (Ayurvedic doctor) house. There he brought out two glasses of snake poison and gave one glass to the disciple and told him to drink it. Guruji drank the poison from the other glass. All the disciples were shocked and scared. This ‘brave’ disciple lost all his Dutch courage at the sight of the glass of poison! He fainted.


Next morning, the Brahmachari got up later than usual. He had the most violent headache and vomited a couple of times. With great difficulty he went outside his room and looked for his Guru. He was sure that Guruji must be worse off. But lo, Guruji was giving His discourse as usual. He had the same calmness on His face as always.


The student understood that Guruji had taught him a lesson.


Bhagwan Shiv was not an ordinary mortal. He was Sarveshwar … all had emanated from Him and would finally rest in Him itself. For Him the poison was the same as any other form of Prasad. One could challenge this only when one became Shiva oneself. Else, consuming any such things was harmful for sure. One had to become Shiv before copying Shiv’s actions & even then it would be impossible to do everything that Mahadev did. The student fell at the feet of his gentle Guruji and asked for forgiveness.


Note: Yesterday was KaalBhairav Jayanti … Some of His names –


ॐ भैरवाय नमः। ॐ भूतनाथाय नमः। ॐ भूतात्मने नमः। ॐ भूतभावनाय नमः। ॐ श्मशानवासिने नमः। ॐ कङ्कालाय नमः। ॐ कालशमनाय नमः। ॐ धूम्रलोचनाय नमः। ॐ भैरवीनाथाय नमः। ॐ व्योमकेशाय नमः। ॐ भूताध्यक्षाय नमः। ॐ भिक्षुकाय नमः। ॐ दुर्गाय नमः।


Author is a mother to three children and writes on Spirituality, Women Empowerment and National Affairs. Her articles are published on amongst others. She believes in the cause of the Indian Breed of Cows and is a follower of Shree Ramachandrapura Matha, Karnataka.


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