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In 2019 we presented 12 articles on stories of Bharat, all written by author. In 2021 this is my third story. Story 13-14 and links from 1-12 can be viewed here  


The author Rati ji has now published these and many stories in the form of a book, Tales of Bharat. It has 35 stories from our scriptures, folklore and more. It has been written in simple English so that they can be read out to children or they can read it themselves. Even adults would love reading it. “These are the stories in the book. I have covered about fasting by women in Sati Savitri, fake representation of caste system in Ekalavya & Ayachi Mishra, molestation in Keechaka Vadh, etc.”


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Why did I start writing these Stories? 

As a mother of three I have realized that many children are deprived of hearing tales that are Indian in origin. This could be for various reasons, an important one being that parents themselves do not know these tales.


The desire to learn English and about Western Nations meant that atleast two generations were fed tales from the West namely Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc. Because of this when you ask a child to write an essay of their favourite character they will write about Santa Claus and Snow White but not Shivaji.


So I took it upon myself to write short stories about India’s cultural heritage. The stories have been written in such a way that they can be read to children. At the same time I added snippets of our culture, rituals, shlokas, food, etc. so that children get to know about them. Must add that these stories are not meant to be scholarly pieces of work. 


Author is a mother to three children and writes on Spirituality, Women Empowerment and National Affairs. Her articles are published on Indusscrolls.com amongst others. She believes in the cause of the Indian Breed of Cows and is a follower of Shree Ramachandrapura Matha, Karnataka.


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