Todai-ji Monastery Amalgamation of Indo Japanese Spirituality

In writing this article I had to merge   three sources of understanding - recorded history on Todai-ji and Bodhisena, the   Hindu and Buddhist perspectives of the universe. I have been lucky to have some   formal Buddhist education. I felt it was important to do this multi perspective,   as all accounts that I have read have a one sided view and fail to tell the   whole story. My several visits to Japan have taught me that this was not the   state centuries back. While the world-view is fragmented today, as people are   fragmented in their vision, in the early ages there was an all-inclusive wisdom,   where everything blended in harmony. Having a fragmented one sided view   unfortunately does not narrate the whole picture of the fantastic and extremely   beautiful and harmonious amalgam of Buddhism, Hinduism, Indian, Japanese and   Chinese culture in this extremely overwhelming and significant temple,  which is a creation of a pan Asian   cultural and spiritual age. It was an age where people saw more harmony than   fragmented visions from fragmented mind patterns.

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