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Nagalinga, Veerbhadra Temple Lepakshi
  • Your guide to the wonderful temples of Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh together with lovely pictures.

Lepakshi (Le Pakshi) is a quaint village in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. It is located 15 km east of Hindupur and 120 km north of Bangalore.


Lepakshi temples were built around 1550 CE during Vijayanagara period, are culturally and archaeologically noteworthy. According to tradition the Sree Veerbhadra (form of Lord Shiva) Swamy Temple was built by Virupanna who was a subordinate officer of Achyutaraya.


“The temple is enclosed by two walls and can be divided into three sections – the Natya Mandapa (dance pavilion); the Ardha Mandapa (foyer) and the sanctum; and the Kalyana Mandapa (wedding hall).” Source 4


The entrance in the North has a gopura i.e. the main entrance. There is a Vishnu temple facing the east. There is a shrine dedicated to Shiv ji under the name Papa Vinaseswara. There are Ramalinga, Bhadrakali and Hanumalinga shrines too.


The temple is known for its Maha Mandapa which has exquisitely carved pillars. The Paintings in the Maha Mandapa and Mukha Mandapa are masterpieces of Vijayanagara Mural tradition.  


Apart from stunning carvings and architecture, we see collections of saree designs, hair styles and dressing patterns depicted through an array of mural paintings on the ceiling!


The hanging pillar that doesn’t rest on the ground (see pic) is a miracle here. The giant Nandi, carved out of a monolith, and hooded serpent are unique.


Surely see the Nagalinga and Ganesha murti in the Veerbhadra Temple. It has an unfinished Kalyana mandapa or marriage hall. Also see 100 pillared hall.


The ceilings of the Natya and Ardha Mandapa are bedecked with imposing murals which depict scenes from the epics like the Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Puranas. The most impressive mural is the one which depicts the wedding of Shiva and Parvati. The central portion of the roof has a mural of Veerabhadra, flanked by the temple’s builders, Virupanna and Viranna. Measuring 23ft×13ft, it is probably the largest mural in Asia.4 Outlook Traveller


According to tradition when Ravana abducted Sita Ma and was enroute to Lanka, they stopped here. Hence, Sita Ma’s foot imprint is here.


Close by visit Jatayu Park and Basavanna Temple (to see giant Nandi).


According to tradition during the Ramayana period Jatayu fell down here battling Ravana, and when Rama arrived here he uttered Le Pakshi (rise Bird).


It’s a great place for a one-day trip from Bangalore. See some temple pictures below.

Board gives information about temple. Pic by Jagdish Kumar. Main entrance gopuram Sculptures Maha mandapa. This is the pillar that doesn't touch the ground Mural Paintings.  Basavanna Temple. Nandi was made in Vijayanagara period. Pic by Jagdish Kumar. Nandi is 10 metre in length & 6 metre in height, carved out of one boulder.  Jataku. Pic by Jagdish Kumar. 

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“Lepakshi is famous for its traditional crafts. You must shop for Banjara embroidery items, brass artefacts, Kalamkari paintings and Cherial scroll paintings, cotton and jute floor mats, Kids would love the Kondapalli toys made from softwood.4 Outlook Traveller

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